Older Trees Need TLC, Too

Older Trees Need TLC, Too

Lashly Tree Service handles deadwooding in High Ridge, MO

Trees need attention and care throughout their entire lifespan. Whether you just planted a tree last year or it's been around since before you purchased the home, it's important to keep up with its care. Lashly Tree Service handles deadwooding work in the High Ridge, Missouri area to keep your trees in good shape.

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Promote healthy tree growth

When you plant new trees, they need a lot of care and attention. However, you never want to neglect your property's mature trees. Deadwooding is the best way to...

  • Prevent overgrown trees from touching power lines.
  • Keep your trees healthy and promote growth.
  • Redirect tree growth to avoid damage to your home.
A certified arborist at Lashly Tree Service will work with you to nurture and care for the mature trees on your High Ridge, Missouri property.

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