When the Storm Is Gone, We'll Clear Your Lawn

When the Storm Is Gone, We'll Clear Your Lawn

Storm cleanup in High Ridge & House Springs, MO is our job, not yours

After a major storm hits High Ridge & House Springs, MO, you'll need help cleaning up the mess. You'll have enough to deal with after the storm as it is-leave the storm recovery to Lashly Tree Service.

Storm cleanup is simple when you hire a team of professionals. Our crew has experience clearing brush and hauling away material. We have the tools to get the job done right, helping you get your life back to normal.

Don't stress out over storm cleanup when Lashly Tree Service can handle it all for you. Call us today to set up a date for service.

Discover our storm cleanup services

Storm recovery is different for everyone, depending on the damage. When you need storm cleanup at your High Ridge, MO property, let Lashly Tree Service handle everything. We provide:

  • Trimming of trees and bushes
  • Removal of fallen branches
  • Grinding down of tree stumps
  • Hauling away of other materials

Bring your backyard back up to par. Talk to us today about storm recovery service in the High Ridge & House Springs, MO region.