Keep Your Trees Growing Tall

Keep Your Trees Growing Tall

Tree cabling can protect your trees in High Ridge & House Springs, MO

There are few things more beautiful on a property than tall, healthy trees. Unfortunately, some trees may begin to grow crooked as they age. Over time, your asymmetrical trees may not be able to stay upright. A certified arborist from Lashly Tree Service in High Ridge, Missouri can help your trees grow straight using tree cabling techniques. Bracing will guide and support the growth of your trees, so your property will stay shady and beautiful for years to come.

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Don't ignore a leaning tree

Asymmetrical tree growth isn't just bad for the health of your trees. It can put you and your home in danger due to falling branches. So how can tree cabling help? This process involves drilling holes into the trunk or branches of your tree and inserting a tight, secure cable. Cables will offer extra support for your trees for the rest of their lives.

Prevent accidents while extending the life of your trees. Make an appointment with Lashly Tree Service today.