Need Expert Tree Advice?

Need Expert Tree Advice?

Hire a certified arborist in High Ridge & House Springs, MO

Worried about branches falling on your customers? Need help transplanting trees? We've got you covered. Trust a certified arborist at Lashly Tree Service to help you with all of your tree care needs in the High Ridge & House Springs, MO area.

We can inspect the trees on your property, consult with you about which trees pose a safety risk and trim or remove them. You can also rely on us to plant new trees and install cable and brace systems on weak trees. Cable and brace systems give trees extra structural support to keep them from splitting and drooping.

If you have a tree emergency, like a tree leaning toward your home, our certified arborist can be there in a flash to help. Schedule emergency tree service or make an appointment with our arborist by calling 636-428-1736 today.

5 good reasons to hire an arborist

Lashly Tree Service provides emergency tree service in High Ridge, House Springs, MO and surrounding areas. You should hire a certified arborist because:

  1. We can tell you which trees pose a safety threat
  2. We can plant the kinds of trees that are best suited to your location
  3. We know how to help young trees develop strong limbs and healthy structures
  4. We can remove disease-ridden limbs to stop the spread of disease
  5. We can remove trees quickly and safely

Arrange for emergency tree service by calling 636-428-1736 right away.